Novel Aesthetics


Cindella Injections



The complex for whitening skin Luthione + 1200 Cindella + Vitamin C is used to improve skin condition and for strengthening whitening effect.</>

This complex consisting of three cosmetological products rejuvenates the skin, restores, whitens and improves its structure. The product contains powerful antioxidants that protect the tissues from the influence of free radicals, detoxicates the body, improves immunity, stimulates rejuvenation processes.

Indications to using the product:

  • Pigment spots, freckles;
  • Dark, dim, uneven complexion;
  • Age related darkening of epidermis;
  • Wrinkles, sagginess;
  • Fat deposits;
  • Acne, post-acne, enlarged pores.
  • The products are injected intravenously.
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